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Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

Clash of Clans is one such game where you raid enemy villages for gold and elixir while defending for the same looted resources. What began just as an ordinary strategy game is now winning hearts of over 500 million users.It is an epic combat strategy game where you build your village, train your troops and go to battles. Apart from all the fun and adrenaline pumping action, this is a heavily time-consuming game where you have to put hours and days of your time to build a solid empire. To make this easier, Clash of Clans 999999 Hack apk comes to play. Before diving into the details of Clash of Clans 999999 Hack, let us get to know this game a little better.

As of February 2015 survey, Supercell makes $5 million from Clash of Clans every day. The game is so addictive that there are few players who are known to play on multiple devices simultaneously. Investing 6 months of time, one of the top-ranked players of Clash of Clans was known to play the game on 5 iPads- all at the same time. Half of the revenue generated by Clash of Clans comes from the top 10 players of the game and no doubt, Clash of Clans 999999 Hack apk is the major reason behind this. Most of us don’t know about this freeway ticket clash of clans resources. Today, we are going to reveal the Clash of Clans hack and all the related details to you.

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  • 1 What is Clash of Clans 99999999 hack?
  • 2 Why is this hack named 99999999?
  • 3 Clash of Clans 99999999 APK Working Since May 2018
  • 4 Installation
  • 5 Servers for Clash of Clans 99999999
  • 6 Features of the 99999999 hack
  • 7 What’s in the game?
  • 8 In short
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What is Clash of Clans 99999999 hack?

Have you seen videos and websites offering you free unlimited gems and gold direct in your Clash of clans account in exchange of a 5-minute survey?

Well, sorry to break your hearts but all these online generators and online hacks are fake. No online games can be modded and hacked since they are hosted on secure private servers. There are no known possible methods of adding resources to your account like that unless you really know how to hack servers.

Clash of Clans 99999999 hack apk is a modified version of the original game which is hosted on a public server. Being hosted on a public server, it allows the alteration of in-game resources through simple mods and hacks. All the resources in the game are unlimited and absolutely free to use.

Why is this hack named 99999999?

The largest 8 digit number i.e. 99999999 is the limit of the number of Gems, Gold, and Elixir you can have in Clash of Clans. An XML file with a counter (resource_cnt.xml) keeps a track of the number of resources you have collected. The counter increase by one every time a new Gem, Gold or Elixir is acquired.

Clash of Clans 99999999 hack works by modifying this file and setting the counter to 99999999. The counter counts only up to 99999999 and stops counting. Once the number is increased to its limit another XML file (resource_dip.xml) is modified to remove the code responsible for decreasing the resources as they are used.

Clash of Clans 99999999 APK Working Since May 2018

Backed up in May 2018, this Clash of Clans Hack apk is working perfectly. To download the working version of clash of clans hack, head to this link:

Clash of Clans 99999999 Hack APKDeveloper: SupercellPublishers: ClashServers.netDownload

This file has been checked for viruses and is totally safe for any android device.


Before installing the Clash of clans 99999999 hack apk on your device, make sure that you don’t have any other version of the Clash of Clans running on your device. Uninstall and clear all the files if you have been running any version of Clash of Clans as it might crash with the new application.

Steps for Installations:

  1. Head to the settings and under Privacy menu, turn on installations from Unknown Sources.
  2. After Clash of Clans 99999999 hack is successfully downloaded on your device, open and hit install.
  3. After installation is complete, open the game and you will find unlimited resources into your account.

Servers for Clash of Clans 99999999

There are plenty of available servers for the Clash of Clans hack but the important thing is to find a safe, compatible and fast server for your Android device. Following are our few suggestions for the best servers:

  1. Clash of Souls Server
  2. Clash of Lights Server
  3. FHX Server
  4. Clash of Magic Server

Features of the 99999999 hack

FEATUREDESCRIPTIONGoldUnlimited Gold is available for use in the apk. Gold can be utilized in building and upgrading structures. Gold is also used for searching opponents for battle.ElixirElixirs are primarily used in training the troops and spells. Secondary use of elixir includes troop, spell and gold storage upgrades. After reaching town hall 9, elixirs can also be used to upgrade walls. With unlimited Elixir, you can train unlimited troops and upgrade them to max level in the laboratory.Dark ElixirDark Elixir is used to train Dark troops having special powers. Dark Elixir is also utilized in brewing dark spells.GemsUnlimited gems make sure that your builders are always on the run. Gems can be used to boost gold mines, elixir collectors and training barracks.UpdateThere is no need to find the updates again and again as the Clash of Clans 99999999 hack apk can be updated to the latest version within the app.Unlimited troopsTrain unlimited troops in the camps to try out different attack strategies that suit you best.

What’s in the game?

  • The game has pretty interactive gameplay. With easy controls, it has a user-friendly interface.
  • The troops are divided into 3 categories. Tier 1-3, Dark troops, and heroes. Heroes being the most powerful troop in the game are immortal. They can deal a lot of damage but their energy has to be restored before they can be used again. With unlimited gems, you can use them continuously. They can be deployed in battles to attack as well as can be used to guard your village during enemy attacks.
  • Townhall is the heart of your village, destroying your enemy’s town hall gives you a star and ensures your victory in the battle.
  • Defense structures include cannon, archer tower, wizard tower, hidden tesla, inferno tower, eagle artillery. Mortar, X-bow, air sweeper etc.

In short

Clash of Clans 99999999 hack apk is an addictive game and will provide you with unlimited resources to try out every combination of attack and defense strategies that you always wanted to. Saving up plenty of your time, this game can still force you to stay on your phone screen for hours. The game can also be played on PC using android emulators like Bluestacks.

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